About Me

Who Am I?
I picked up my first camera at the age of 9. I wasn’t supposed to,  but I did and took a picture of the fridge by mistake. I panicked and put the camera carefully back, so as not to be found out. Of course I didn’t think about the long term consequences, until I was presented with the picture once they had come back from the chemist. The next birthday I got a Camera, and that was that, I was hooked and pocket money was saved for buying film and getting it processed.

I went semi-pro in 2003, covering various classic rallying events, and after being asked by magazines to also provide news stories I soon realised that my full time career was limiting what work I was able to take from magazines, so in 2005 I left my full time job to pursue a career as a photographer and writer covering the historic and classic motoring scene in the UK.

Magazine Work
My work, both written and photographic, has been used by most of the Classic motoring magazines in the UK and ranges from event coverage and restoration stories through to group tests of various cars. In addition to this my work on classic cars and motoring has appeared in a number of magazines on a non motoring nature. I also contribute regular articles to both Mercedes Enthusiast and Classics Monthly about my ownership of both my 1971 Mercedes 280SE and my 1959 Austin A40 Farina.

My Aim
Through my photography I want to bring a fresh approach to the coverage of motoring events; to convey the excitement, enjoyment, and pleasure that motoring can bring, and through my writing I aim to bring to the reader the excitment and passion that comes with owning a classic car.

I no longer photograph fridges.